Our Mission

This blog is designed to help educate people about the struggles women face worldwide. Finding different ways how we as a community can help bring change.

Our Mission

We read many articles and blogs about healing and empowering women in US/UK. But what about the women of color globally? And the conflicts they face? My blog post will mention ways to reach out and show support. From boosting their self-esteem to building a connection with them. Read and educate on how to empower women and fight for equal rights even if they are miles away.

Our History

After graduating with a Psychology and Anthropology degree, I felt I was finally going to help individuals in need. After a few years, When I reached out to volunteers for a humanity project, I realized many don’t know the struggle others face, especially females in 3rd world countries. To improve, we must first educate ourselves about the matter. My blogs will be attempting to do just that.

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